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First of all you need to setup storage for your Internal Chat data. At the moment Internal Chat supports PostgreSQL and MySQL database management systems (see system requirements).

  1. Install one of the supported database management systems (out of the scope of this article - see documentation of the specific DBMS).

    Note. Pay your attention at installation settings, for example, DBMS locale or default server encoding. It can be important: for instance, old versions of PostgreSQL could not make correct case insensitive search in ru_RU databases if server locale differed from ru_RU. So, it would be great if your server locale was set to your native locale and default encoding was set to UTF8.

  2. It is recommended (from the security point of view) that only some specific database user could work with some specific database. So:

    • Create new unprivileged database user (we will call him "ICUSER").
    • Create new empty database (we will call it "IC"), its encoding must be set to UTF8.
    • Give ICUSER read-write access to IC (or make him to be a database owner).

    For PostgreSQL under Linux it looks like the following:

    #su - postgres
    #createuser -A -d -P ICUSER
    enter a password for the user when prompted
    #createdb -O ICUSER -E UTF8 IC
  3. Download the server ( package. Unpack server package anywhere you like and take the initial database script from init_sql subfolder (init_database_ic_postgresql.sql for PostgreSQL or init_database_ic_mysql.sql for MySQL).

  4. Initialize database IC using initial database script and any database management tool you like (GUI or command prompt). For PostgreSQL under Linux it looks like the following:

    #su - postgres
    #psql -U ICUSER -f init_database_ic_postgresql.sql IC

    The initialization script creates an initial database structure with one group (IT Department) and one user (System Administrator, login "admin", password "admin", timezone GMT, locale en_US).

  5. Important! Do not forget that if your DBMS is installed on a server other than that where you plan to install Internal Chat Server, make sure that DBMS will accept connections from that server (in case of PostgreSQL edit pg_hba.conf if needed). Logo

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