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Important! Whenever it is possible I suggest you to use Java Web Start technology for client deployment, as it is described here. It is much more powerful and flexible. Use "fat" deployment, described below only if you are exactly know that it is what you need.

  1. Download the client ( package.

  2. Unpack into some folder FOLDER (something like c:\IntChat on Windows or /usr/local/IntChat on *NIX). You will find new folder inside: IntChatClient-X.Y.Z.

  3. On Windows edit FOLDER\IntChatClient-X.Y.Z\run.cmd to correct the path to javaw.exe; on *NIX edit FOLDER/IntChatClient-X.Y.Z/ to correct the path to java.

  4. Run run.cmd (on Windows) or (on *NIX, make sure that EXECUTE file system attribute is set for this file) - the client should start.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR WINDOWS USERS (2007-11-24). I have added the Win32 wrapper to the binary distro - IntChatClient.exe. There is no need to edit run.cmd from now - just run IntChatClient.exe, it will search itself for available JRE and will use it. Of course, you can keep on using run.cmd with some specific Java command line parameters, if needed. Logo

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