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I started this work in the second half of 2002. By that moment I had been searching for an intranet instant messenger. We used one of those, but it was based on mailslots, and thus it could not be run in a terminal server environment, and but we planned to move towards thin clients.

I had tested some messengers (ICQ corporate, a Jabber clone, MS Exchange IM, and some others that I don't even remember), but none of them satisfied me for various reasons. So I concluded that the best solution was to start my own project.

  1. October, 2002. v.1 is ready. Just a test version, not a client-server - only to check some ideas. C++, WinAPI, closed source.

  2. December, 2002. v.2 is ready (another proto). A test version too. Client-server. C++, WinAPI, closed source.

  3. February, 2003. v.3 is ready. A new proto, data as XML, XML database on both client (history) and server (deferred messages) sides. C++, WinAPI, closed source.

    v.3 was the first production release.

  4. April, 2004. v.4 is ready. A new binary proto (ICQ-like), no client history (because XML-files became too big and required too much resources to parse and to work to), all the history is kept on the server. MySQL and PostgreSQL support. C++, WinAPI, closed source.

  5. April, 2007. v.5 is ready. Proto is XML over HTTP. The main reason to make this version was a request for multiple OS support. We started to use Linux and MacOS and needed to give all the users access to all the corporate services. Java, open source (I made this work at my free time, so feel no obligations to anyone), PostgreSQL support. I use Jetty in the embedded mode as the HTTP server part of Internal Chat Server from v.5.5. Logo

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