Internal Chat

Multiplatform Enterprise Instant Messaging.
Smart. Powerful. Extendable.


  1. Instant messenger. Users are able to send messages and files. The server can be put inside the internal network and thus you do not have to worry about open networks security.

  2. Very simple for both users and system administrators.

  3. HTTP is used as transport protocol.

  4. SSL is supported.

  5. External LDAP servers (OpenLDAP, Active Directory etc.) can be used as authentication source (since version 5.7).

  6. The number of defined message types is arbitrary.

  7. You can define your own template for every message type. For example, you can define tasks or some helpdesk boards (by now it must be programmed but in future I plan to make it look like plugins or server-side modules). By default two message types are defined in system: files and "common" messages.

  8. Added and removed users become available/unavailable immediately for all other users. No user interaction (like adding user into your contact list in ICQ) is needed.

  9. There are recipient lists for frequently used groups of recipients.

  10. Work time is counted (with an account of the periods when user does not work with his/her computer).

  11. History is kept on the server side and thus users will never loose their messages.

  12. The application is multiplatform. You can work with it under your favorite OS without any problems.

  13. The application is ready for internationalization (i18n). All the international data is stored in special files, so one just needs to translate it into the desired language. I made en_US (default) and ru_RU translations. If you can help me with other translations - feel free to eMail me.

  14. There are many more features :) Logo

(C) 2007-2011 Andrew Orlov